Aug 27

The Biolchini Family


This session was a ton of fun to shoot. I had so much fun with this family; there were certainly no dull moments (all parents of children understand this!), but the kids did great. These photos were taken at Nolde Forest State Park.


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Oct 13

The Zimmerman Family

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What a sharp looking family; another large group that amazes me with their ability to coordinate colors and schedules for a photoshoot. As fantastic as this group may look on a Christmas card together, they are even more fantastic on the inside. Knowing them personally, I would like to express my appreciation for their genuine interest in others, their excitement about life, and their easy-going sense of humor.














May 21



I did a mini-session recently with the Shambaughs. It’s unbelievable how the youngest is growing up so fast! What a great looking family. 🙂 I think this really is what got me into photography in the first place; freezing moments in time enables us to enjoy and appreciate them over and over again.



Apr 22

Spring Mini Sessions | Sunday, May 19


Schedule a mini-session with me for Sunday, May 19 and the proceeds will go toward the Krotzer’s adoption fund. Matt and Kylene Krotzer are local photographer friends of mine. You can read more about their adoption journey at:





Jul 26

The Balmer Family


I love photoshoots at the Balmer’s farm; there’s about a million and one things for the kids to do, which keeps everything upbeat, fast-paced, and makes for some great candids.  The Balmers are great to work with, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time running around trying to keep up with the kids!




Apr 14

The Brunk Family


Want an exciting afternoon? Spend some time with the Brunks; I had forgotten how fast kids are in front of a camera! 🙂 But not to fear, we had a good time; and best of all, got some really fun shots of everyone, including the youngest Brunk. Congratulations on your newest member of the family!



Nov 14

The Nolt Family


We had fun doing a family session at Lancaster County Central Park with the Nolts. The youngest Nolt seemed quite comfortable with the camera; in fact, she became bored with it a fairly quickly, and opted for the leaves on the ground instead. I can’t say I blame her, everything was so colorful; edible too, or so she thought. 🙂



Oct 14

The Musser Family


We had a lot of fun working with the Mussers. I certainly couldn’t have done it without help from my trusty assistant, Austin Ginder of Anchor Development. At first, I wasn’t sure how the youngest Musser would respond to my large camera, and my constant requests to ‘Look here! Look at me!’ As it turns out, he did a fabulous job, as did Mom and Dad Musser. The littlest Musser was perfectly content to be outside in the great outdoors, and as long as there was something nearby to eat; grass, leaves, bugs, whatever, he was more than happy to be there!


Jul 15

The Balmers


I had a lot of fun with this lifestyle shoot; there were all sorts of fun ‘props’ on the farm, which kept the kids excited and entertained through the entire evening.